Tom Curtis was born in western Oklahoma USA on March 27, 1953.

  His parents, Ben and Aline Curtis met in Elk City Oklahoma and were married in 1952. After several more trips to California, they finally settled in Oklahoma City.

  They had four children of which Tom was the first. His interest in art started early and he began drawing, painting and exhibiting his work at the age of twelve. He also had a great love of music and played violin at church and local "gospel missions".

  Tom enjoyed living in Oklahoma with it's distinct seasons but always longed for the culture and climate of California. He enjoyed riding motorcycles and spending time with such artist friends as Claude Sanderson and TC Cannon. 

  After receiving an AA from Rose College in Oklahoma City  he moved to Dallas Texas 1974 and opened a stained glass studio.  He soon met a maverick artist named John Ashley Bellamy and moved into a studio space at Bellamy's "Moon Mansion". This opened many new doors to a larger world of art.

  Tom came to the San Francisco Art Institute in 1977 where he studied with such influential artists as; Robert Hudson, Sam Tchakalian, Tom Holland and Carlos Villa. He received a BFA in painting and sculpture in 1979 and an MFA in 1981. This time period included the rise of the underground punk rock and new wave movements. This was an exciting time in  SF Bay Area art history bringing new life and energy to the scene.  Artists were not afraid to attempt extreme approaches to non traditional forms of art.

  He has been involved in developing many  new forms of  expression, not only in painting and digital art, but performance art, enviornmental installation, video, and experimental music.
Through his involvement in commercial design projects he has maintained his autonomy as an independent working artist for over 30 years.

In 1991 he created a set design company  Curtis Productions to expand his productivity.

Tom is currently living in San Francisco with his wife and muse, Sharon Au Curtis and their daughter Cyan.

He works in his studio in Oakland California, USA.
About Tom Curtis