.08.12.06 Art Business.com

Artists Alley: Grand Opening Show.

Artists: Wesley Buckingham, Catherine Merrill, Sara Waugh, Feng Jin, Zanne Christensen, Mary Corey March, Rachel Sager, Tom Curtis, Steven Guy Bilodeau, Allan Friedlander, Anne Karin Glass, Mary Delave, Cary Friedman, Marilyn Kuksht, Leonard Breger, Liz Breger, Marietta Cohen, Alice Heimsoth, Nathalie Whisman, Michele Logan, Larry Lurie, Mary DeLave, Ethel Jimenez, Uri Friedman.

Comment: Grand Opening . The large gallery is nicely laid out with each artist's work show in an alcove-like space. Wide range of art; good location near the Hayes Street corridor (meaning probably a fair amount of foot traffic); could evolve into a viable option for artists. We'll see what happens...