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Tom Curtis
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When I am working in my studio my consciousness shifts through several different dimensions where all things are possible. The ESSENCE of this experience is DISCOVERY.

This is something that I cannot totally control and the magic of this moment is the razor-sharp edge of loss of control where happy “accidents” happen.

What I am speaking about here is primarily however is the fine art of abstract painting and particularly ways of seeing  spiritual or metaphysical experiences manifested within the creation and appreciation of art. 

While I appreciate representational art, I mainly prefer to work in what I consider to be “pure painting” where the medium is the meaning beyond words.

When we visit major art galleries and museums, we are often looking for something more than we find offered by organized religion or popular culture. I believe that we are looking for something to believe in beyond our everyday experiences.

​I believe that this involves the shared memory of the experience of and connection to the first human marks made with mud blood and bone.  Ideally what we would find is a personal connection to a higher awareness and consciousness that connects us all to the same origin.